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Honorable Mentions in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Lighting Designers
Martin Klaasen & Amanda Yap

The architect for Raffles Maldives Maradhoo envisioned an oasis of laidback luxury. To deliver an exquisite balance between long-standing traditions and a unique design sensibility, the colours selected are associated with Raffles and motifs influenced by the island.

Many design elements are a nod to Raffles’ distinct colonial style, punctuated in public and private spaces. These design elements are further highlighted at night through the lighting design, which was intended to support and emphasize the architectural and interior design concepts, while providing easy visual orientation and comfort for the guests, which was achieved through a hierarchy of light levels throughout the island. There was also a deliberate effort to maximize the integration of the light fittings, so the lighting effect can be experienced and enjoyed without the visual disturbance of the physical light fittings. What was achieved through the lighting design is a special experience that enhances the feel of a laid back oasis as first envisioned by the architect.