“Good lighting design contributes to more comfortable & pleasant environments, easier way-finding & beautification of the places we live in..”

Martin Klaasen

Trust Light

Driven by creativity & originality, experience & expertise, our lighting designs harmonise people with architecture and environment.  Applying the latest technologies and putting quality over quantity.

We provide smart, sustainable & affordable lighting design solutions considerate of our environment, designed for people, their comfort & enjoyment of the spaces they live, work or socialize in.

Our Strengths

Proven Track Record
We have a long history of successful projects delivering key initiatives, many of which have withstood the test of time.

Meaningful Implementation
Concept design renders building up layers of light which allow clients to richly visualize what the project is going to be.

Service & Communication
As a company we value responsiveness & professional service.  We always endeavourto communicate openly & promptly to give clients positive experience.

Creativity & Innovative Designs
We design for people, not lux meters.  KLAASEN is a leader in sustainability, lighting for wellness & the implementation of smart technology.