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BHP, formerly known as BHP Billiton, is the trading entity of BHP Group Limited and BHP Group plc, an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals and petroleum dual-listed public company. The BHP office in Philippines is located at Bonifacio Global City in Manila, taking Levels 23 to 27 of the ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower. The tower was completed as LEED Platinum certified and the design of the office aims to retain the platinum status. Concept Design Brief: The office is meant to be an international working space for employees with flexible hours to be able to work at any time of the day, The lighting is to work together with the interior design and cater to the various functions of the spaces to allow the employees to have an effective work environment which also fulfils LEED Platinum requirements.

The office is made up of 5 levels of the building connected by a feature staircase where employees can access the other levels easily.. Each level is split into work zones and breakout zones, with specialised rooms in the core for various functions that cater for employees needs, such as nap rooms, mothers’ room, first aid room, and multi-faith hall. It also has a games room where employees can relax and unwind between or after work. The lighting caters to required levels for work and play, and changes its brightness at different times of the day to automatically match with the time of the day. Individual focus rooms and meeting rooms allow users to control the brightness and scenes to suit the use of the spaces. Colour strategy: The spaces are generally split into work zones using 4000K and breakout zones using 3000K. Technological implementation for user control and energy conservation Sensors were employed throughout the office to save energy when the room or space becomes unoccupied. During the day, the lights along the windows are also dimmed when the lux levels are achieved through natural daylight. Meeting rooms lighting are automatically turned on when people enter the room, allow efficient use of space without people searching for switches. Multi-configurable training rooms are equipped with partition switch so they can be used as separate rooms or combined for bigger trainings. Energy and operational effectiveness: By using the latest LED technology, dimming controls and sensors in all areas, energy usage is reduced to a minimum, light is switched on only as needed. The technology with its efficient performance and long life span also provides the client consistent lighting effects and minimal maintenance worries. The implementation challenges As the offices from the landlord came with many new fittings already installed before handover to tenant, it provided some limitations to design scope which required the interior designer and lighting design to be reworked to suit. However after zoning the priority spaces and marking where are considered “BOH” vs “FOH”, we were able to re-use about 60% of the original fittings while creating a different experience on the call center and breakout zones, and a variety of meeting room options, so that we can maintain a dynamic space for the employees to enjoy through the day.