Architectural Interiors

Lighting Designers
Elisa Righetti & Stan White

The project consisted of quite a few building facades covering a variety of architectural styles and vintages over three street frontages along Wellington, William and Murray Streets in Perth and the William street facades were bookended by those of significant hotels including the Royal Hotel with its impressive and individual roof.

The lighting concept developed was to treat each item of historical architecture independently and in isolation; the more modern buildings in-between with a style which bound the overall project together.

The design of the Wentworth Hotel on the corner of William and Murray Streets included space colour washes, column highlighting, and architectural façade border lighting in an extensive palette for a variety of different effects with the advice to use the palette selectively for optimum effect.  The Royal Hotel on the other hand had a roof unique throughout Perth which begged to be highlighted as it could be viewed from Yagan Square opposite.

The modern architecture was lit in an entirely different approach using linear lighting to highlight the feature edges and this coupled with feature lighting of the individually lit buildings in-between.