Lighting Audits & Site Assessments

Familiarisation with site, review the existing location, take inventory, discuss and confirm the required light-technical parameters in consideration of stakeholders and review any possible site/electrical constraints.


Lighting masterplanning deals with the visual, organisational, environmental, and technical elements of the urban planning.  As a guide we identify the lighting planning criteria that should be considered when initiatives are being undertaken in relation to new or existing lighting in urban areas or newly planned activity centres.  Guidance is provided to both the functional and expressive aspects of lighting.  KLAASEN seeks to support decision makers who initiate, promote, and manage the night-time image of their city and who require a masterplan to provide a sound basis for long term lighting developments.

Concept & Schematic Design

Creating a concept is the key base on which to further develop a lighting design that will allow it to be meaningfully implemented. We will research and design the lighting concept in close coordination with relevant key stakeholders such as the client, operator, architect, interior designer and other consultants.

• Client’s brief (and budget)
• Lead consultants concept
• Legislation and codes of practice
• Environmental limitations
• Cultural heritage
• Consultants experience

Sketches + Mood images
• Visualisation-Renderings
• Concept narrative (“the story”)
• Preliminary budget and electrical load estimates

Design Development & Technical Specifications

Developing the concept into realistic details requires a lot of coordination between the key players in the project.  Upon finalisation of the concept, budget direction and electrical loading, we review, recommend and approve development of the lighting design into CAD lighting layouts, preliminary light fitting selections and lighting control schedules.

• Interior/exterior design concept integration
• Heritage values
• Product family
• Custom features
• Cultural heritage
• Consultants experience

Design/coordination meetings
• Lux level calculations
• CAD drawings
• Updated renders
• Light fitting details
• Electrical loading
• Budget confirmation

Contract Implementation, Site Supervision, Testing & Commissioning

During tender stage we can assist in the call, assessment and review of potential suppliers for the lighting and lighting control equipment for a project as per our specifications. We also tend to any technical queries during this period and issue a report with our evaluation and recommendations.

Contract Administration sees us supervise the installation of the lighting on site to assure compliance with our design specifications, certify contractor’s progress of work as needed and attend to site problems and necessary modifications of the lighting design.

Testing and Commissioning: Final aiming, focussing, testing and programming of the lighting installation including certification of the works upon completion.   This includes submission of as-built drawings and approved maintenance manuals.