Architectural Interiors


IES Award of Merit

Lighting Designers
Martin Klaasen & Cheryline Chua

The Divine Bar was inaugurated in 2002 as part of the Park View Square Building in Singapore’s historic Bugis neighbourhood. Located at the ground floor and designed as a grand lobby and bar it is an iconic destination for locals and tourists. Its distinctive architecture, both inside as well as outside is inspired by the glamorous Art Deco skyscrapers of Europe and New York. In 2015 the owners decided to breathe new life in the venue, bringing a new spirit to the bar, renaming it the Atlas Bar. All the iconic interiors like the art deco ceilings and features had to remain challenging the designers (interiors and lighting) to rejuvenate the space with 21st century design and technology, whilst maintaining the key iconic features. The space had to be more flexible and cheerful as the existing lighting was dated, sombre with little mood and flexibility, an operational requirement for the new look bar.

In order to respect these existing features and achieve the new operational requirements and in consideration of the near 12m high ceilings, it became clear that additional lighting was required and the only way this could be achieved was by introducing a suspended lighting structure designed in matching style and finish that would incorporate remote controlled and programmable lighting adjustable to different moods and event settings. It would allow for localised mood and effect lighting without having to impact on the iconic ceiling. Existing lighting systems in the ceiling (linear lights, pendant lights and down lights around the perimeter would be retrofitted with the latest LED technology, more efficient, and with better optical performances. The existing dimming system was outdated and needed to be replaced with more dynamic and programmable controls, suitable to the latest lighting technologies. To complement the visual balance and create intimacy at seating level, floor and table lamps were introduce in coordination with the interior designer’s (Hassell). The bar and wine displays received a total make over with subtly integrated feature lighting