After more than 30 years in the lighting industry Martin Klaasen decided to become truly the centre and inspiration for everyone in his company by creating Klaasen Lighting Design studios. Having built and formed his career first with Philips Lighting in Europe and later with Lumino Design and Lighting Images in Asia, both companies he build up to become successful practices, KLD is the culmination of all his experiences in the creative field of professional lighting design. With a clear and balanced vision on lighting and all the necessary project expertise, KLD is equipped to handle any type of lighting application


Malcolm Turner, Vice President, Hyatt International Services, Chicago:
".. Martin is a true visionary in Lighting Design, we would recommend him and his company to the upper level of quality buildings that require dramatic lighting programs.."

Benjamin Hu, Director of Design, Greater China, InterContinental Hotel Group, Shanghai:
".. we value the creativity and the value added solutions that Martin Klaasen and his team bring to the fore.."

Joanna Biggs, Associate Director, GA Design International, London:
".. we found Martin Klaasen and his team extremely useful when discussing ideas during concept design phase. We believe this is crucial to ensure a successful end product.."